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Sean Donnelly

Sean Donnelly is an accountant specialising in advice & strategies to improve the numbers in your business.

Sean offers the following:

  • The ability to improve the numbers. Depending on the clients circumstances this could mean actions to cut costs, adopt different sales strategies or sales channels, cash management, working capital management and sometimes raising new finance if the business has the right ingredients.
  • In any circumstances where the client wants & needs it Sean adopts a very hands-on role in working with the client and their staff.
  • Sean speaks Plain English in that he always makes sure that the business owner understands the financial results (P&L) and their financial position (Balance Sheet).
  • Mentoring – Sean has been a member of the Enterprise Ireland mentoring panel and a member of where he has mentored quite a number of start-ups and established business owners.  In all cases he identifies the critical issues for each circumstance and agrees the actions & tactics to tackle these.
  • The ability to identify the critical issues for each situation and to get improved results on these.
  • The flexibility to work with businesses of various sizes ranging from small businesses and start-ups to a business with a turnover of €10m.
  • The ability to use good technical knowledge of legal, taxation & HR issues to the benefit of clients.  
Some good reasons to give us a call:

  • Afraid of running out of cash in the next 12 months
  • Want to increase your sales
  • Developing strategies to increase profit
  • Knowing exactly how much profit you are making
  • Improving efficiency levels and reducing costs
  • Getting the best from your team
  • Having key measurements to help you run the business better
  • Developing a sound business plan with an exit strategy
  • Finding the most profitable way to allocate your resources
  • Developing customer loyalty

See reports on all the above on our website.

Sean Donnelly & Co.
Improving Your Numbers.


Registered in Ireland no. 383455.  Registered office: Ballynalina, Kells Road, Kilkenny