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FreshEire specialise in Energy Efficient Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) and Indoor Air Quality systems. Air is as essential to life as water but is often taken for granted. We have a wide range of products developed specifically for improving the indoor air quality of residential homes and workplaces by way of ventilation – after all, we spend more than 70% of our time between 4 walls.

Our main products are:

• Heat Recovery Whole House Ventilation
• Energy Recovery Ventilation
• Energy Efficient Ventilation
• Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

What is Heat Recovery Ventilation?
Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) provides a continuous supply of fresh warm filtered air throughout a building, extracting its heat from the warm air that is expelled, thus providing a highly efficient way of saving on heating bills. HRV provides many health benefits, including alleviating the symptoms of asthma, hay fever, and other allergies by providing a clean supply of air free from dust, mites, pollutants and other irritants such as pet hair. It’s a must for clean modern healthy living of today. We have many types of heat recovery units to meet your needs.

Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation

  • Creates an energy efficient home that will reduce your heating bills
  • Revitalise your home with a continuous fresh clean supply of air
  • Dust and allergy free environment for a healthier standard of living (asthmatic society approved)
  • Humidity control which eliminates any condensation on windows
  • Any dampness of potential mould growth eliminated
  • Essential if you want to achieve a good energy rating
  • Filters out pollutants that cause many allergies and health problems
  • Excludes nuisance exterior noise from your home
  • Extracts any bad odours or smoke in the home
  • Helps prevent condensation build up on bathroom mirrors
  • Exhausts toxic carbon monoxide gas
  • Exhausts cancerous radon gas
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Extracts dust reducing the need to dust your house

How it works
The system consists of a main unit which removes moist and stale air from parts of the building such as utility rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. At the same time, the system takes in fresh air from outside, and using a heat exchanger transfers up to 95% of the heat from the stale air to the incoming fresh air. By keeping the two bodies of air separate, any removed moisture, dust or particles cannot return into the house. The stale air is then released outside, and the fresh clean filtered, warmed air is distributed into bedrooms and living room to provide a nice warm living household.

Apartment Heat Recovery Ventilation

The Fresheire Heat / Energy Recovery Ventilation System provides a complete balanced ventilation system to any apartment block. It filters the incoming air through F6 rated pollen filters and also warms the air by passing through the heat exchanger.

This IS NOT a heating system. The heat recovery systems operate by recovering the energy that would normally be lost through open windows, wall vents etc. The warm stale air that is being extracted from the building is passed through the heat exchanger to warm the fresh filtered air being brought into the house without cross contamination.

Balanced ventilation systems with filtered supply are ideal for asthmatics or any body suffering from allergies or respiratory problems. In general, whether you have allergies or not there are huge benefits to your health by breathing in fresh air.

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T: 057 8683407

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