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IGEL - Max IT - Thin Clients - Think Green

Igel – Thin Client Desktop Hardware Solutions
IGEL Clever Clienting,
Are you looking for a fully efficient IT infrastructure at a significantly lower price? Then you should think about Thin Clients: up to 30% lower total costs of ownership but with full control of databases, software upgrades and virus protection in a modern server-based computing environment. This helps to save time, effort and money and is also truly clever. Clever Clienting from IGEL Technology.
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Universal Management Suite
Igel Thin Client, Citrix desktop, Xen Appliance, VM Ware, VM View, Server Virtualization
IGEL Universal DesktopsOur Universal Desktop strategy is unique and enables organizations to deliver all their server-based applications, anywhere, with the best user experience, security, ease of management, and lowest total cost of ownership.We do this by making all IGEL Universal Desktops highly multi-functional with many server-based protocols or “Digital Services” for connecting you to your centralized applications. We develop just three “Universal Images”: IGEL Linux, Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 and Microsoft® Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 with each image having three different “Digital Service Packs” that are unlocked on shipment. As well as many Digital Services, each Universal Image has a raft of other features that support bullet proof security and connectivity. The three Universal Images are offered across a broad range of hardware platforms so you can deploy applications anywhere and at a price performance that suits your needs. The UD3, UD5 and UD7 hardware platforms have an optional “Digital Foot” that provides WiFi connectivity and legacy ports. 

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Igel Thin Client, Citrix desktop, Xen Appliance, VM Ware, VM View, Server Virtualization
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