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SEIT has secured group Rates for residential and business customers, please contact for further details.

Imagine can help you save more on your monthly phone & broadband bill, we provide the exact same service as Eircom, the only difference is we don’t charge you as much!

So you get a great service but without the expensive monthly bills!
Just switch to imagine today and start saving up to 39% on your broadband and up to 36% on your Talk Anytime call pack – it’s that easy! Check out our International call rates too they’re up to 68% cheaper than Eircom.

It’s always been cheaper to switch to imagine but here is exactly how much you can save!

Package imagine eircom SAVINGS
1Mb Broadband €15.06 €25.09 39%
3Mb Broadband €25.10 €30.11 16%
7.6Mb / 7Mb Broadband €35.14 €40.16 12%
Talk Anytime €10.03 €15.70 36%
Call charges imagine eircom SAVINGS
Local calls 4.4c 4.92c 10%
National calls 6.5c 8.16c 20%
UK calls 8c 15.36c 47%
Near Europe calls 13c 24.20c 46%
North America calls 6c 19.04c 68%

For SEIT group discount rates please email