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Netwatch Security

Why Netwatch  netwatch
  • Cost Savings – Improved service for less overall cost – remote monitoring relieves the extra cost burdens associated with manned guarding.
  • In terms of prevention and detection of crime, to be able to visually verify the cause of an alarm as it happens, whether it is a panic button activated by a member of staff on a premises, or a potential trespass/burglary in progress, or indeed simply a false alarm. This information can be essential in quickly apprehending criminals, and makes much more sense than sitting down hours later to review videotape footage recorded on site.
  • Netwatch protects the open spaces before an intruder enters a premises.
  • Netwatch offers protection of highly sensitive areas day and night – even if alarm systems are off.
  • Security Systems can be armed and/or disarmed from the monitoring centre.
  • All recorded data is stored at the Netwatch monitoring centre – there is no risk of an intruder damaging equipment and records.
  • Netwatch is not just in one place at one time – Netwatch is everywhere at once.
  • Netwatch offers a number of advantages over standard burglar alarms, standard CCTV systems and security guards.
  • Standard Burglar Alarms are only activated when intrusion has taken place – damage may already be done, it’s impossible to confirm whether it’s an intrusion or a false alarm, they offer no protection for the keyholder on arrival at site to disarm the system and can potentiallly waste time for Gardai.
  • Standard CCTV Systems only capture images to be viewed at a later stage, can be subject to intruders disguising themselves and intruders destroying or tampering with cameras and recording equipment on gaining entry so that they miss the break-in.
  • Security Guards are costly, and can only be in one place at a time. With Netwatch, every camera acts as a security guard with no sacrifice to alertness or personal safety.

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