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Purchase Order Control



What is is a web based Purchase Order Application that lets you control and report on all spending within your organisation. It’s used by multinationals and small business alike to give greater visibility on purchasing and costs. To date this year over 90 Million euros worth of purchase orders have been managed by the system.

As is web based it can be quickly set up for multiple sites and departments without additional money being spent on additional servers or upgrades to your computer network. It saves everyone involved with purchasing and accounting time, and quickly pays for its self.

Take the short video tour or look at the screen shots of sample purchase orders from our web based purchase management system.

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Create Purchase Orders

Select suppliers, buy something, generate a unique purchase order and auto email it.


Goods Inwards

Reconcile goods when they arrive. Partial or complete reconciliation, reject incorrect goods.


Control everything

Set up new users, new suppliers, new departments, new budgets, new controls, set limits, track budgets and much more.


Reconcile with ease

Reconcile supplier invoices before they go to your accounts package.