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Reach Broadband

Fast affordable Broadband without a phone line.


  • 24/7 Access to a fast broadband Internet connection. 

  • No telephone line required, call us if you have failed a line test.
  • No unpleasant surprises with large phone bills.
  • Speeds of up to 24Mbps*.
  • Symmetric speeds for uploads and downloads – this  is not available with other broadband solutions such as ADSL or satellite.
  • Dedicated local support available.
  • Hardware for VOIP.
  • Hardware for networking.

*Maximum speed will vary with your location, unless we are sure  you will have a good signal, we will not connect you.

Our network flexibility means we can also provide internet access to premises or field events for short term or permanent venues, call our sales team for more information.


We are

licenced by ComReg as a provider of telecommunications services in Ireland.


Contact Us:By Phone:
Tel: 059-6477011 (8am / 8pm)


Out of Hours Support – TEXT ONLY  (24/7)



As an Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) Reach Broadband provide a High speed, secure, Broadband network covering Co Carlow, South Co Kildare, Co Wicklow & Co Wexford.

One of our main advantage is we can provide Broadband in areas that are not covered by ADSL or 3G. Another big advantage we have over other ISP’s is that our network is symmetric – both download and upload speeds are the same, ie 1Mb Upload & 1Mb Download. However you must have ‘line of sight’ to one of our many wireless Access Points.