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Worldnet TPS - Secure Online Payments

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Secure, international online payment gateway for processing credit card and other online payment methods offering reduced cost and increased revenues through a range of value added services.


Payment Processing

WorldNet TPS NetTraxion System is a secure transaction processing service that enables your business to authorise and process credit/debit card transactions, and other forms of payment, in real-time over the internet.

The NetTraxion Host System provides a fully secure, transaction processing environment for card authorisation and payment using our custom-built IP gateway. NetTraxion also provides both multi-currency processing and multi-lingual customer service support.


We offer a range of services to businesses who sell their products and services on line. Our competitively priced, revenue generating value added services will enable your business to realise the full potential of eCommerce.

  • Virtual Terminal
    Payments can be authorised and processed simply by using a PC with an internet connection, that’s it – no software, no integration! This means your transactions can be completed quickly and securely while your customer is on the phone.
  • Hosting OptionsWith WorldNet TPS you can choose either our hosted payment page option or you can choose to host your own payment page which will be fully integrated with the WorldNet TPS platform.
    • Hosted Payment Page
      Start-ups and smaller businesses may prefer the hosted payment option which enables you to offer your customers a secure, real-time authorisation and transaction processing service. The customer is simply redirected to the WorldNet TPS secure server, which will be customised to look and feel like the rest of your website. The process is seamless to the customer.
    • Integrated Payment Page
      For larger organisations we offer a fully integrated solution.

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