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Fear is Greatest Obstacle for Business: Survey

A recent online business survey has revealed that the number one challenge facing businesses is fear of the uncertain future created by the current economic recession. The survey, conducted by South East Business, analysed responses fromover five hundred business people.

Somers believes that business people’s creative energy is being soaked up dealing with negative issues like cash flow and cost cutting. “The survey indicates that tourism will increase following the very successful and globally-publicised visits by The Queen and President Obama,” according to Somers. “But the South East Region will not benefit from the visits as the region lacks a focused and coordinated communications strategy, a vital ingredient to harnessing the region’s huge potential.”

In support of this contention, Somers quotes some more of the survey’s findings:

  • Foreign companies that decide to locate in the South East Region can benefit from 60% employment funding, more than Dublin. 1% of responders were aware of this. A massive 99% were not.
  • The South East is the Gateway from the US to mainland Europe as the Fiber (broadband highway) runs along the South Coast. This means that US organisations can base themselves in the South East at a fraction of the cost. 2% were aware of this significant infrastructural cost advantage. 98% were not

The report suggests an urgent need for businesses owners and support organisations to focus clearly and quickly on developing a strong and powerful business alliance to develop businesses in the South East and to attract new business from further afield into our communities, “whilst it is fantastic that Marketo are creating 125 jobs in Dublin, these organisation can very easily set up in the SE, reducing more operational cost, regional airport at their doorstep, lower cost of living, less commuting.”

“The survey is really great news for South East businesses.  It provides compelling evidence that there’s lots of low hanging fruit out there. South East businesses just need to focus more on working together to harvest the many opportunities that are out there, and spend less time doing what clearly has not worked in the past which is no longer effective.”

“The Olympics 2012 in the UK is closer and faster (1 hour 15 minutes) to get to from Waterford than some of the base camps in the UK, people will be travelling hours to get to the stadium,” says Somers. “Most responders didn’t know that. Furthermore, only two people  of the 500 surveyed were aware of the 17 km Waterford & Suir Valley Railway line, a hugely attractive tourist attraction.”

Somers is convinced that the key conclusion from this survey is that, with an effective communications strategy, The South East Business Community can collaborate to assist one another in growing their businesses, while sending out a very positive and attractive message to foreign direct investors.

“We’ve been running networking and skills workshops around the South East over the past two years. It never ceases to amaze me how business opportunities get generated when you pull a few people into a room together. Seemingly unconnected and unrelated businesses so often help one another in identifying sales leads through mutual contacts.

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