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Recession Proof Marketing

There are lots of decent people who invested a lot of hard work in their business, sacrificed family time, and often had family homes on the line for what they believed in.

Yet at the same time, other businesses made it through the tough times and dips and got through whatever the economy through at them!

What did THEY know, that others don’t?

I can tell you one thing………….They were not any smarter!

Let me explain:-

If times are tough right now, the first thing you have to do is stop beating yourself up! It’s not your fault. Actually, you’re not that special!

Many are doing it tough, but it will be the ones that do something about it right now that will survive, even thrive, in this or any economy.

I’ll let you in on a SECRET!

You see it’s not the smartest that will survive!

Business books are full of Successful Multi-Millionaires that left school at 15! Plus, there are plenty of people with university degrees that still go broke!

It’s not the business in the best position that will survive!

It’s not the best product that will survive.

It’s almost arrogant to assume this. Business history is full of stories of great products that didn’t make it through the dips in the economy. There is one essential ingredient missing. Let’s face it, we all know there are better hamburgers around – but who sells the most?

It’s not the business that has never known tough times!

In fact it’s the opposite. Many very successful people I have known have gone through tough times, learnt the secrets to get through it and come out leaner and stronger.

There is one crucial SECRET that will make a big difference!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself……………..

Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Somers, but my peers call me The Shark.

I’m known for cutting through the clutter and finding what works when it comes to marketing.

I’ve been searching for the best ways to help my friends in business through this tough economic time.

I want to show you the AFFORDABLE ways to make your business Bullet Proof in this economy, in fact….Any Economy. I want to uncover the Fast-track tactics to not only SURVIVE, but THRIVE.

Make no mistake. There are only 2 ways to go broke in tough times.

Bad Maths!
Bad Marketing!

What is Bad Maths?

Profit Margin not high enough.
Costing not done.
Staff wage blowouts.
Carrying dead stock or too much stock.
No budgets or measuring Advertising.

Now, if you have your costing and margins right, then you have Good Maths. If you have trimmed the fat out of your business, and looked at all the places you can cut back, then you have Good Maths. Well done.

Many people in business get this wrong. If you need help with this go and visit your accountant immediately.

But you can still go broke.

You see, you need customers to make it all work.

Trimming back your COSTS, including you’re MARKETING, is like cutting out the MUSCLE, not just the FAT.

You see……

I’ll repeat that……..


There is no use cutting back all your cost, having all your margins right, a fabulous product and NO CUSTOMERS! You will still go broke. It will be painful and slow, but it will still happen.

You need customers and sales to make it through this tough time. You need customers that want to spend money with you NOW!


Customers that spend money put CASH IN YOUR REGISTER instantly.

So, if you really need help with finding, keeping and getting customers to spend, then you need…….

Make no mistake! Recession Proof Marketing strategies do exist. There are shortcut and affordable ways to find customers with CASH ready to spend with your business NOW. And I want to expose them for you.
NEVER has the saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” had more meaning than it has right now.

“You know, many years ago, I remember when I first started in business. My entrepreneurial Dad said to me, “now you are in business for yourself, you will start getting paid what you are worth” ouch! I made nothing for the first couple of years, but gee I worked hard. Then I found out, the answer is not working hard its working smart!”

At the moment, getting customers to spend seems harder than ever. So, if we really are moving in tough times right now, then we must learn the MARKETING TRICKS and learn them fast. I know one thing……the secret is not to work harder!

If anything working harder in tough times is the LAZY way to do business!

Let me explain…..

Tough times bring the vultures from out of the woodwork. You know, the charming good looking sales reps that try and sell you the latest advertising in “wherever”, that nobody reads, or listens to. It all seems like a good idea at the time. They prey on your vulnerabilities.

Then the phone never rings, the customers never come, and you’ve just blown a couple of thousands euro, that you never had to start with, and you’re right back where you started.

But how is that being LAZY?

Well let’s get one thing straight…..It’s not your fault. If someone took the time to show you what worked, so you can stop wasting your money, and just do the stuff that worked, then you wouldn’t have to work so hard.

You would stop getting talked into advertising that wastes the money, you’ve worked so hard to make…….you’d be better off. You’d be just doing the marketing that works, have more customers and spend less money and less time. Now that has to be a good solution!

But seriously……….who has time? Who has the time to learn what to do?

And who has the money? That sort of information from experts would cost thousands to learn!

I’ll let you in on a secret. When things start spinning out of control, kinda of like the speed wobbles on your bike as a child, there is one thing you need to do…….

Recess to Re access.

That’s right….STOP, and work out a faster, better way to do it.

Make no Mistake. There is a faster, more cost-effective way to market your business in any economy.
You see one of two things is going to happen. You are either going to have a BREAKDOWN or a BREAKTHROUGH. I vote for a BREAKTHROUGH!

Recession Proof Marketing in tough economies is the ultimate breakthrough!

Let’s face it. The world is NOT going to stop! People will still need to eat out, they will still have gifts to buy people, they will need to replace broken worn out goods. They will still need to celebrate, they will still need to maintain what they have, to move on, move up, move out. Let’s get real!!!!

People are not going to stop spending money altogether! There will still be customers around.
Things will still need fixing,
People will still have ‘windfalls’ of opportunity and money that they will need to be spent.

I know we are not fooling anyone though – times will still get COMPETITIVE in business!

Some businesses will do “silly” things just to get a sale. Customers will want value – they will shop around. We have to stand out, and we have to still make a PROFIT.

That is why I have found what I consider to be some of the BEST MARKETERS AROUND. Not only are they good at what they do in their own businesses, they know the shortcuts, secrets and answers to affordable, cost effective MARKETING. They have lived and breathed it, and we are willing to share it with you.

Now, this information is not full of ‘text’ book theories to make you feel guilty and work harder at what you already know. I won’t insult you – or waste your time. These techniques have been used by real people in business. On-line and traditional style business! People that have seen tough times, people that have worked out marketing strategies that will get results in any economy.

So to find out more, and see how we can help, pick up the phone, call us, don’t be shy or lazy, our business is to make your business more profitable.